Choose from the below packages or call +91 97173 00782 for a customized package.
(For small-sized recruiter teams)
INR 10,000
Upto 25,000 Candidates
Upto 100 jobs
Upto 3 recruiters & 1 Manager
Validity upto 1 month
(For mid-sized rrecruiter teams)
INR 30,000
Upto 75,000 Candidates
Upto 300 jobs
Upto 10 Recruiters & 3 Managers
Validity upto 3 months
(For large-sized rrecruiter teams)
Unlimited Candidates
Unlimited jobs
Unlimited Recruiters & Managers
Validity upto 12 months

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Pricing FAQs
What is Unnati Recruiter?
Unnati Recruiter is a 'virtual recruiter' which helps companies hire faster, reduce hiring spends and increase recruiter productivity 4 times. Unnati Recruiter does this by automating several of the tasks your recruiter does, thus freeing up time for recruiters to focus exclusively on lining up more candidates.
If I purchase an Unnati Recruiter package, what activities can it be used for?
Once you purchase a package, it is like hiring a new 'virtual' recruiter into your recruiter team. Unnati Recruiter does all of the following:

- Advertises job to 1000s of candidates via call and SMS in minutes
- Finds interested candidates for the job within 5 minutes
- Helps recruiter interview each interested candidate
- Records each interview done by recruiter
- Sends an Interview Pass (with interview details) to each lined-up candidate
- Sends Interview Reminder calls and confirms candidates' interest
- Helps managers track recruiter activity and monitor progress on every job

All of these are included in the package. You do not have to pay anything above the package price. No additional call charges, no additional SMS charges, no additional taxes. No additional charges above the package price. Period.
Once I have purchased an Unnati Recruiter license, can I get a refund?
No. Once you purchase a package, we will unable to refund the amount. However, if you wish to extend the validity period of the package you have purchased, do call us at +91 9717300782.
Is my credit card / netbanking information secure?
Yes. Unnati does not store your debit card, credit card or netbanking information. All payments are made through PayU Biz, one of India's leading payment gateways. If you wish to pay by DD / Cheque, please call us at +91 9717300782.